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Created for the One Hour Game Jam (http://onehourgamejam.com/) on July 8th 2018. (It took me longer than one hour I'll admit, but that's within the rules). The theme was "That's not supposed to be a weapon."

A text based game about building weapons by disassembling the other items in the room. Ever wanted to attack someone with a sword made of three chair legs? Now you can.

The game jam version is limited to a single room and "arena" combat. I'm working on expanding it, but no guarantees.

Here's the online link. Press play at the top of the code and then enter commands at the bottom right. Every menu should let you either enter '?' or 'help' or enter 'q' or 'quit' to exit out of it. (you can also exit out of the top level menu using q, but it doesn't save any progress!)



WeaponSmith.zip 6 kB
Web version

Install instructions

Requires python to run, or you can play online with the web link. For online, press play at the top of the screen and then enter text in the bottom right. For the downloaded version run the main.py file with python 3 and then respond to the prompts in the terminal.

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