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This is my submission for the PicoCAD jam 11 here: https://itch.io/jam/picocad-jam-11

The theme for this jam is "X." I decided to create the moment in time just before the completion of a stunt jump over a plane, i.e. just before when their paths crossed!

After I was basically done with the model I started to get a sense that I had seen someone model something like this before. If that's the case sorry! I can link it here as unintentional inspiration, but it's also very possible I'm just imagining things! Who knows lol.

I used (obviously) picoCAD for the modeling.

Gimp for the texturing.

My open source tool for additional modeling here: https://github.com/jordanfb/PicoCADToolKit/releases

Here are some of the special techniques I used since we were allowed to use external tools:

I fixed both warping and z depth issues by subdividing a couple of objects -- specifically the top wing of the biplane and the ground plane. I was also able to divide the ground plane into quarters in the texture easier than creating four separate planes.

Merging meshes together -- The car was created by extruding a cube along the front to back axes and then two additional extrusions downwards on the sections under the wheels. I then deleted the entire underbody, created a plane mesh that matched up to the underbody, and merged to the main car mesh using the tool. Then I was able to rotate the car as needed without worrying about keeping them aligned.

Mass-texturing the biplane by setting the mesh color to red and then setting the UVs of those faces to a single red pixel using the tool.

And miscellaneous other smaller things like scaling up and down objects.

I also did a minor amount of raw text editing to hide the message but that's relatively simple.


crossing.txt 26 kB
crossingTexture.png 1 kB
crossing_0.gif 796 kB
crossing_1.gif 269 kB
crossing_2.gif 193 kB
crossing_3.gif 385 kB
biplanecarjumpmodelplansketch.png 128 kB

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