Made for the Stop Waiting For Godot Jam in a weekend.

An experimental (and not at all physically accurate) flight simulation for my first project in Godot. While it may not have much to do you can enjoy lazy loops around the sky or try to take off and land from the runway. If you get lost your compass will always point you back home!

Controls are shown in a help menu in game (press h or / or ? to toggle the help menu)

Joystick controls are currently entirely untested! Please let me know in a comment if they work!

9/6/2021: I just updated it to add html5 support (I had to recreate the shader from scratch to make it work on the web), a camera orientation toggle, rudder controls, rings to fly through, and other landing pads around the map! Now that there are vague goals I'm happy to call it a game rather than an experience. Have fun!

Assets Used:


Heightmap Terrain by Zylann (MIT)

Compass by JotaFaD (cc0)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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TagsFlight, gentle


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This is wonderful! The plane physics may not be at all physically accurate, but they are incredibly amusing - can get stuck with your nose on a ring corner, back off a little, try again, flip over the ring, and fly off as if all was intended.


this is so cool! ^^

Could you put HTML5 in the page so I don't have to download it?

I tried to make an HTML5 version but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get the terrain to render correctly — I only have a little time today so I’ll definitely try to make it work but I can’t guarantee it.

Ok hopefully you get it working :) 

It's in! I had to totally remake the shader that was causing issues but you can play the web version now. The update also includes a bunch more random features like other graphical improvements, actual rudder control, and rings to fly through, so please enjoy!

Thanks soo much!

The HTML5 version I cant control or do anything because for Somerson it doesn't let me click on the game. So I think you need to fix that too.

Hmmm, I've tried it on multiple computers (and the analytics say that a bunch of other people have also played the html5 version) so I don't know what the issue is. If you hover over the game your cursor disappears but you should still be able to click on it and take control!