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Scramble to the top in this fast-paced, local multiplayer, competitive game! Rather than fighting to the death by slowly inching your competitor's health bar to zero, throw them off the edge of a mountain -- much faster, and much cleaner. Avalanches and falling rocks will impede your way, but your opponents' desperate attempts to climb past you will do that and worse.

The mountain is precarious -- your opponents unforgiving!

This is The Slippery Slope.


Three players can play on keyboard with WASDCV   IJKL./ and numpad 8,4,5,6, 3 and numpad enter. Move around with the first four controls, grab with the fifth (hold down the buttons to pick up people), and use items with the sixth.

You can also plug in joysticks for additional players, left stick is move left, right, and crouch, A is jump, B is grab (hold for picking up people) and both triggers are use item.

Navigate the menus using your controls, move right on Ready to signify that you are ready to play. When all the players are ready and there are more than two, the round will start. Compete to be the last one alive each round!

Have fun!


This game was made for the RPI "Scramble" 24 hour game jam.


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The Slippery Slope x64 Game Jam Version 28 MB
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