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Play as a tugboat in a busy harbor, bringing in large ships to their berths, or just explore the map in this fun boating game. Split screen multiplayer support means you can play soccer (or football if you prefer), or race your friend around the track while dodging AI craft. Tug ships where they're supposed to go or just yank them off course for the sake of it.

Harbormaster is my second game made for One Game A Month.


Join by pressing w, i, or options (on a Dualshock 4).

Player 1: wasdqe for movement. Hold down x or c to attach a rope, and tap x or c to remove it. Hold R or F to tighten or loosen your ropes.

Player 2: ijkluo for movement. Hold down period or comma to attach a rope, and tap period or comma to remove it. Hold p or ; to tighten or loosen your ropes.

Open your menu by pressing escape, and navigate with mouse, or your up and down controls with your rope attachment buttons to select and go back.


Join by pressing options, menu by pressing share. Select by pressing x, back by pressing circle.

Steer with left stick, accelerate with triggers, strafe and zoom on the right stick. Hold down x or circle to create a rope, tap x or circle to remove your last rope. Hold down triangle or square to tighten or loosen your ropes.

Currently supports keyboard control and Dualshock 4 controllers, XBox controller support will be added as soon as I can get my hands on one.

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